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Satura tota nostra est.

Satura tota nostra est.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hebephrenia Happens

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I do not have transmitters in my brain or any stink-in' wang-dang paranoia-cysts. Everyone knows about thoses. No. I come from a different frontier altogether, but I was raised by ants. The queen was very demanding. We worked really hard. I do not like the pusher-man. His eyes are rocks and he kills the sky for ten bucks. They cut down the tree. This brought turmoil to my sense of self. The air became stale-like and thin. The lepers were all watching the game and I rode up on my steed with dire indifference. The boys had marbles streaming out of their cerebellums and the witch Mennonite teacher wagged her tale for the Lord to see: she said "shame." She said shame and the cops came and then the robbers pitched their tents in front of the pig station. It was a riot I tell you. It has been almost 70 years since I have seen the likes of positive action. See something? I don't see anything. My doctor asks me if I see things and I tell him where to go. If only he could stand in the corner. I slow down. I am slowing down. The lunatics get on my nerves. They pace like narcotic addicts. All tense. Oh Hebe! She is the slut amongst wolves. Crying out Jesus almighty Son of God to you Mrs. Fucker. Fucked up brains oozing out melodramatically. Oh please. Stop this facade! HA! HA! HA!.  Just like you to wince. Is it some kind of warning? Malachite shoots through the wires inside of me just like the next man. The white house-skeleton waits for God's hands to finish constructing it. I am so glad his hands are not broken and that he is an invisible man. Invisible anonymous. This is my name: HenryOMalley. Don't go to the swamp. A-MEN.
Nothing. It all means nothing. This is my name: OMalley I am going to see Jesus tonight. He is so much a zombie these days-back from the DEAD and all. I am going to see him play at the local bar for over-sized losers and basket-cases alcohol conundrum fallacy rock and roll good times. The End.
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