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Satura tota nostra est.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Scatology: ...On Major Depression...

I am Scatology: ...On Major Depression...

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Yep. It has been a long, long, time since I have been able to coherently join my words and form a complete sentence. HECK!!!! It is a bitch!!! Thank you Clorazil. I do not remember much of what has taken place in my life over the past month and, say, one week. Who cares right?! I certainly do not. I take an apathy pill every morning and transform: human to know like that Spock guy. Highly Illogical!!!!! And because I have been off the subject (Hexastix) for so long you ALL probably do not even remember what this shit is all about that I am going to abruptly continue as if I never went AWOL. A wall. I was staring at a wall for more than five days. And I know no one gives a shit and most of you have no idea what I am so gabbing on about, but I can assure you "HEXASTIX FOR DUMMIES" shall be published shortly after. I personally enjoy accommodating. To hell with annotations!!! They cause attention-deficit-disorder. I was working so hard I forgot to take my medication and IFRANKMASTER almost rolled around the bend of my brain faster than a speeding speed freak superman fuck tweak! But, alas, no. I am Henry. And I want you to know, invisible audience, EXACTLY what I WENT THROUGH to obtain the information I needed to gain information on Hexastix-book V. It was fucking hell and damnation! Jesus yippity Christ Christmas! Well, FUCK!!! I will just lay it on the table for you all so you can not appreciate it! I work for myself. What more can I expect? Exactly. Highly illogical to expect any more. Maybe, if you can spare an eyeball or two, just go back over the previous books to set the mood for my revelations. KEEP IN MIND: this is only what I WENT THROUGH to obtain the information and not the information itself. That is a whole different story. These stories must be told separately (and without neologisms) because they are too significant to lump together. Highly illogical-that lumping together.
                                                        HEXASTIX: BOOK V- THE TOIL.

Book V-"The Justice Sticks"
Very complicated this one.
Here is a short summary of what is to come: There comes a time, once, maybe even twice upon a time, that, unfortunately, we, the stick-people and believers, must defend ourselves physically. Keep in mind, we do not believe in steroids....that is cheating. Unchivalrous. Oops, a neologism, excuse me. ATTENTION!!!! And mind you we are not pushovers and dare not  turn the other cheek so that the perpetrator can pound it to a pulp. Highly illogical. That is just pure stupidity and, might I add, masochism. Suffer thee children!!! NO!!! ATTENTION!! We do not play that foolish game of Mr. Martyr Pants. Peh. Anyhow, there exist such ignoramuses that allow prejudice and intolerance of diversity to rule their testosterone or progesterone levels, thus causing a phenomena commonly known as an "ANGRY MOB" a.k.a. "HIGHLY ILLOGICAL SHIT FOR BRAINS POSSE." I will not apologize for self-defense when it is absolutely necessary. We are just as good at playing Romans and Spartans on steroids as any poor fool. Anyhow. Five steps. I had to complete these grueling tasks in order to attain the (privilege) information necessary for me to explicate "The Justice Sticks." And on I go. Pacifist idiots ideologically crippled AWAY! None of you would understand. Go find something better to do than complain about "necessary" self-defense-like go get your asses ripped to shreds by blockheads. AH-HA!
Task one: 
"Have Gun Will Travel reads the card of a (wo)man.
A knight without armor in a savage land.

His/her fast gun for hire head's the calling wind.
A soldier of fortune is the man called Paladin and/or the Noble Women of Tortosa in Aragon.

Paladin, Noble Women, Paladin, Noble Women,
Where do you roam?
Paladin,Noble Women, Paladin, Noble Women, 
Far, far from home."

Keep this little ditty in mind when shoppin' for knowledge my brethren and sistern.

TASK ONE: I must defeat the ghost of Kontesteronia (Greek Goddess of chess and, of course, a believer) at her own area of expertise. No joke. I had to outwit her. Twenty hours of exhausting intellect. But, to my good luck Hades decided to show up and "BOO" her, heckle her into a fit of rage so great as to infiltrate her mastery, her guard down for a split second and I took advantage of it with a double rook sacrifice. "I Won." I said. "It is amazing what powers medication gives to you commoners." said Kontesteronia. And off she went throwing boulders at Hades as he cackled down a hole in the ground. They were gone. I had completed the first task. Success!
TASK TWO: Convince American Republican Congressman Tancredo that he is Gloria Steinem. By Jiminy! What hardship!!! It was great though! All I had to do was take out a rifle and say "Let us take back America and drink ten shots of jack!" and he was all ears! I never actually drank Jack. I drank tainted water. He got the alcohol though, boy he did! Passed out American Republican Congressman Tancredo went from this:  
                                                                  Oh No Tancredo!!!!

to this:

in no time. When he came to I said "Hey Pal-take-back-America you sure is lookin' fine teeday!" I simply handed him a mirror. When he saw Gloria reflect back at him he vomited, pissed his pants, and shouted "I, Gloria Steinem, guh, guh, No! What! Hell! Get out!! Oh Lord, My Father!!!!" He then passed out. It was an awful experience for him I will admit, but I must add that he is very insecure without his face and that just doesn't reek of bravery to me. Task Accomplished!
TASK THREE: My hands certainly suffered from this one. I had to "hand-write" 25,000 letters to the United States Federal Government to inform them that there are in fact many of us "down here" that KNOW "our" country is not a true democracy. We know that it is in fact a Monarchy under the guise of a Democracy and that The Senate should be properly renamed "Maniacs," The President "Father Herod," and that those "ruling" this country like to pretend they are Romans. Yes, the little Roman games they play like homosexual tigers batting at mice....usurpers, pretenses, cough, cough. We live in a poorly disguised caste system and slavery has not, in fact, been abolished, but is still quite alive and all around us. WE KNOW. WE WATCH YOU TOO. BIG SISTER SEES ALL, HEARS ALL AND IS MUCH MORE CLEVER THAN YOUR BIG BROTHER. You like us to abide by the delusion  "land of the free, home of the brave." Some big comic book, video game charade in which the hero wields a great big weapon and kills the most bad guys. I have to hand it to mankind: the side that has the most murdered human beings wins-brilliant!!! This really solves every problem I could ever think of. Never-mind using our brains.....listen to the almighty male hormone...KILL...KILL...YOU WRONG ME RIGHT KILL...KILL. All so very highly logical concepts. We also know that that separation of church and state thing was a pretty silly game of make believe sneaky critters you! The U.S.A. is a mental illness, what? I thought I just heard a bird. Lovely.
Yours free of charge,

TASK FOUR: Re-arrange Stonehenge. Just great. What am I? Fucking Atlas? Okay. Keep it cool. After all, I've accomplished some heavy duty all means...I pulled them off with, one might say, finesse. So, Stonehenge, no big deal, just a lot of feng shui shit and manipulation of stone.....muscle. English County, Wilshire....I hitched rides with several unbearable clap-trappers. Goodbye. This is my stop. Ah, Stonehenge. Very mysterious. Just never, ever, tell me I have to go to London. New York ten times worse. Metro-bots everywhere. So cool to live in the cit-tay! Yes. Yes. Well, anyhow, not only do I have to re-arrange stonehenge, but I have to make a pillar or whatever those stone extraterrestrial "mysteries" are called out of Tony Blair's face!!!! WTF!!! And that is not all-I have to get the symbol of Justice to fit in between the pillars, stones, whatnot as well!!! Tough I tell you. Tough.

Just take a look here and tell me I am one hell of a crafty man! Once I got started though, I could not stop! I even paid homage to the Queen with a special propaganda message included for the good not just of England alone, but the whole World!!! Success!!!

TASK FIVE: Still alive. Ha ha ha ha. Task five was really, thankfully, a breeze. I love to ask people questions. It is kind of funny how people do not really feel comfortable answering questions. The truth of the matter is, I am afraid, that they will not know the answer. They feel embarrassed..perhaps. Anyhow, my final task was quite simple: I had to ask twenty-three common folk if they believe in God and why. I even went out of my way to shake their hands without condescension ( of course, all I could think of was scrubbing my hands afterward in boiling water with a heavy anti-bacterial product). Did you ever see God? Is God sexless? When you think of God do you imagine a man or a woman? Maybe even some kind of amorphous entity? Why do you think it is that you think such of God? After probing about a bit I had to give them the drill. I had to ask them "Have you ever seen the Stick-people?" and "Have you ever seen God?" alternately exactly ten times before I thanked them for their time. Some were a bit shaken I have to admit, but that usually happens when one does not think much about much and is suddenly asked to use the old upper-story. Some even dared look at me like I was a raving lunatic. But, really if you think about the question, it really is quite reasonable and, if you are lucky you will learn from that question. I personally think it should be the prerequisite before entering secondary or high school. I will be back with the knowledge of The Justice Sticks. I have to go smoke a pack of cigarettes now. Statistically schizophrenics are known to smoke compulsively. I am but a tiny speck of that statistic. Good day.
Lex Talionis,
Henry O'Malley

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Friday, November 6, 2009



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               "Everything I need  to  know was taught to me by my 
Lex Talionis,

Henry O’Malley

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Hexastix: Book IV-A Review Before the Final Book

Book IV of the Hexastix
Book IV: The Book Of Plastic Sticks

If any of you folks out there have been paying attention to the messages in “O’Say What Is Gross,” you may find a semblance of similarity in the message of book IV of the Hexastix.  The Book of Plastic Sticks basically serves as a warning regarding false prophets or anyone claiming to be an “expert.” It is an anomaly that people these days rely heavily on the supposed knowledge of such “experts’ and that most of the time the “expert” does not have to have any credentials and if he or she does, this does not mean that they know any better about anything than anyone else. In modern society you may be watching a commercial about such and such product and a voice in the commercial says something like “….highly recommended by experts.” Or a book review listing in the New York Times claims that a book deserve praise when, in fact, it is a piece of shit. Or the movie critics (a.k.a. experts) tell you a movie is “The best film of the year” when, in fact, it may possibly be the worst film of the year. Yes, false prophets are everywhere these days. The scary thing is that people actually consume whatever lies
these so called “experts” tell them to and take their (the experts) word as the word of God, and, as some of us of higher intelligence know, God is a fictitious and invisible myth just like the experts. Anyhow, The Book of Plastic Sticks was written in 1855, the year Alexander Parkes officially invented plastic. It is hidden south of the equator and its hiding place is, of course, only known to the stick-people and their believers. When The Book of Plastic Sticks is held up to the light of a full moon the words are etched into the plastic and read thus:
There exist such entities in the world that claim and give forth false knowledge. Beware of them. If someone or something implies that you are a subordinate and that someone or something claims to be more knowledgeable than you on a certain subject use your gift of skepticism. These false prophets may be trying to trick you into giving them or some other affiliated party your money and they may also ruthlessly cause you to waste your time. Remember that opinions or perceptions coming from one who claims to be an “expert” is simply an opinion or perception and does not have to become your own: you have your own opinions and perceptions and should never mold them according to  someone else’s standards. Heed this warning well!!! There are false messages all around you!! For example, one, usually a female, may be told that she should not look like a female, but that she should go on something called “a diet” and look like a little boy. This is false!!! Women are supposed to eat well and look like women: voluptuous and curvy. Eating healthy and within certain boundaries (not over-eating or eating too much “junk) has been replaced by excessive fad diets that are most unhealthy. Most diet “experts” are lunatics and/or misogynists.
The source of a prophecy must also be questioned. Just because it has a wide variety of followers that buy into its nonsense does not make it a good source of information. For Americans, The New York Times is a good example. A highly esteemed piece of crap is what it really is. Did you ever read their book review? Utter nonsense!!! Don’t let them tell you! The Museum of Modern art has a shit ton of crap that passes for what we call “art.” Jackson Pollock? Abstract expressionist?! True fucking tripe!!!

                           Grab some paint and throw it at a wall….yeah! That’s art man!!! How utterly awful! The Museum of Modern Art is a false prophet: Don’t believe a thing you see. Only on occasion does it offer quality, but rarely. Be careful what you believe and always, always, question! Question! Question! We were born with brains, were we not? Our society hates when we use our brains and so it invents things to control us. Some of this is “old-story” to some of you, but there are those poor souls out there that need to be told they are being manipulated and lied to!!!! Take that asshole John Edwards supposed “psychic-medium.” He makes a killing lying to gullible people! He should be assassinated (I did not say this) or executed! He is no expert and is no prophet…this is what he is: A BIG LYING SCUMBAG THAT LAUGHS AT ALL THE REJECTS THAT BELIEVE HIS LIES AND SPEND TONS OF MONEY TO HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY OR RATHER HEAR WHAT THEIR DEAD RELATIVE HAS TO SAY THROUGH HIM WHICH IS CLEARLY (TO SOME OF INTELLIGENCE) IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! plastic
Plastic here refers to that which has been chemically modified by man to suit some devious purpose. And don’t forget about Los Angeles…many plastic people live there….beware of them…a whole plastic community!!! Cosmetic plastic surgeons….mostly misogynistic highly paid bastards or lying bastardettes that prey on people’s (mostly women) low self-esteem. Beware false prophets, beware of the lies, look at the man behind the curtain…..he’s terrified….he is a FRAUD!
End of Book IV of the Hexastix. Valuable information. Be smart and make the choice today to believe in the stick-people and their believers. They are the only entities that carry the truth as it should be. Listen to them.
Good Day,
Henry O’Malley
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Seen God lately? I seen the Stick-People. What Is The Difference?

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Hexastix: Book III

The AIGA symbol for drinking fountainImage via Wikipedia
Third book of Hexastix: The Book of Bioluminescent Sticks
-Book # III- The Bioluminescent STICKS
The third book of the Hexastix can only be read in the sky at night on a certain date and is, in fact, like a constellation. The International Astronomical Union does not acknowledge this constellation-like pattern because, sadly, no members of this union are stick-people or believers. What is particularly interesting about this pattern is that is can be seen from all hemispheres as opposed to being limited to only one hemisphere like the 88 “official” constellations; because it has no boundaries it is not considered a constellation.  The date in which it can be seen is October the 31rst. The pattern can be seen in the form of four paragraphs that fill the entire night sky. The message is as follows:
If you can see this document you are either a stick-person or a believer in stick-people. There is no such thing as life after death. Beware this myth! To protect yourself from myth-makers and to become immune to their tall tales you must submerge your head in your own urine for thirty seconds. Warning: if you do not do this you will most likely succumb to the great lies of the world and perish as a delusionist. This is, by far, the most disgusting way to perish.
To your right you will see four bioluminescent sticks. Use these sticks to distinguish what is true and what is false. Wave them before people, documents, etcetera: they will cease to glow before all that is false. These sticks will expire on October the 30th; you will receive your new set of bioluminescent sticks on October the 31rst. If you are questioned when waving the sticks simply state “I am conducting scientific research” and that should be sufficient explanation for the curious. If the curious demand further explanations tell the curious “I require complete silence while conducting my scientific research.”
If the bioluminescent sticks indicate falsehood do not point your finger or draw attention to the falsehood. Acknowledge the falsehood silently and act as if it does not exist. If you openly declare a falsehood you run the risk of public estrangement, confinement to an undesirable area, or execution. Take it upon yourself to heed the words of this book. The general public lacks the ability to think rationally and may react violently to your claim. Beware.
I must inform you straight away that the ideas of “original sin” and “holiness” are falsehoods. Heed these ideas not, for they are lies. Beware of individuals and documents that perceive these ideas to be true. Only delusionists believe lies and spread myths. You don’t want to be a delusionist do you? “Original sin” and “holiness” are two myths that exist for the sole purpose of controlling and disrupting your natural thought process and actions to suit the outfit of lunacy. Many are the delusionists. *Quality not quantity*
And so the third book of the Hexastix ends. It makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, nonsense gets the upper hand in life. I prefer perfect sense to nonsense. I am no delusionist.
Henry O’Malley
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Hexastix: Book II

Hexastix: Book Two
-Book # 2: “Book of Drumsticks.”
The Book of Drumsticks was written on parchment: this suggests, but roughly, that its original message was expressed around, say, (6th century BC, or beyond). The Book, or parchment, is covered in a sheath of red granite. When unsheathed and unrolled for viewing, its message is revealed in drum beats similar to this: Ta-tum, Ta-tum-tum, Ta-tum-tum-tum-tum, BANG, CRASH, Ta-tum-tum, tum-tum-tum, Ta-ta-ta-tum. The drum beat or rhythm is a code, much in the vein and intention of the First Book: It can be heard, but only Stick-People and believers, OBVIOUSLY, can decipher its message. The message is interpreted thus:
Here ye, here ye, we be sticks that drum. Our resonance may signify warning signals, communication (similar to what we know to be Morse code) of many varieties, manifold are our capabilities. We make powerful music. However, we have and will often be misused to signify disaster created by mankind, inhumane treatment of human-kind, battle scores, or triumph relevant to insidious contests that assert the power of such and such party, in marches indicative of good values and/or bad values, or utilized for entertainment such as what is heard before a trapeze artist dares to pull off his or her stunt before an audience in a circus. The Stick-People and believers know our true intentions: despair befalls them when we are misused. Good and evil as words are used to refer to that which is honorable and atrocious. Good and evil: the true source and logical implication of these words have been and are often exaggerated and grossly distorted by humankind. Logically, good is allowing the earth to flourish, freedom and diversity acknowledged and accepted, tolerance, peace, compromise, never harming a living creature or object, and not limiting oneself to a narrow scope which spreads and permits stagnation and evil itself. Evil is destruction of earth, slavery, prejudice, intolerance of differences, war, lack of compromise, harming a living creature, living within a narrow scope, closing the mind off from beauty, from love, from respect. The Stick-People and their believers know our true intentions sound out and communicate that which is good. We sound our messages, and if they are pure and heard by the correct entities, spread joy at intense decibels, but at decibels never so intense as to disable those that have eardrums. We shall now end our song with five key concepts:
1. If a stick does something wrong to you, go to that stick. Talk alone to the stick and tell the stick what it has done. If the stick listens to you, you have kept that stick as your friend.
2. But if the stick does not listen to you, take one or two other sticks with you to talk to that stick. Then two or three sticks will hear every word and can prove what was said.
3. If the stick does not listen to the other sticks, tell a tree. If the stick does not listen to the tree, treat that stick as a stick that does not believe in the Hexastix and as bad as a tax collector.
4. We drum out the truth. What you tie on earth will be tied in our drumming. What you set free on earth will be set free in our drumming.
5. If you believe in transubstantiation, you are a numb-skull and no better than a vampire.
Thus ends the “Book of Drumsticks,” book two of the Hexastix.

-Henry O’Malley
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Hexastix: Book I

The First Book of the Hexastix
The Book of Sticks, Hexastix: a series of six books.
ishangoThe first of the hexastix was etched on an Ishango bone; I estimate roughly 18,000 to 20,000 B.C. It is impossible to pronounce, with the human tongue, the name of the Stick-Person that initiated this book and its message. It is spelled something like this: UZg*hydb. A faintly etched U with two lines, or strikes through its middle, A half moon slightly lower than the U with a star shape betwixt, a lower-case n-ish shape with a circle located at the lower elongated tale of the N-ish (also slightly lower than the U), actually, after the U, the rest of the name is engraved slightly lower than the U, A star-ish figure followed by another N-ish figure but, more linear than the former, a round  V-ish figure accentuated by a long tail through its middle which gives it more semblance of a W, an eightish-character, but with the connection missing on the top right, so that it cannot be assumed an eight, and lastly, This is getting boring, but I have to explain the complexity, and lastly, a B-ish image with the linear side of the B drawn out below the bottom half-circle of the B-ish.
Now see?! This name simply cannot be spoken, but it can be complexly described in terms relating to the letters and symbols we utilize today. Keep in mind that I am limited to illustrating the name for you in American terms: Imagine the unlimited berth of this name, as it can be construed in the multitude of World languages and symbols. A-MEN TO THAT!!!
Now this UZg*hydb is the first known Stick-Person to have used expression to create a type of manual, perhaps also a fore-warning, for other Stick-People that existed at the time as well as for future Stick-people and their believers.Now, UZg*hydb was very wise to engrave lines on the Ishango bone, called tally marks, to disguise his or her message. This message can only be translated by the Stick-People themselves and their believers. The notations on the bone,which we now call the First Book of the Hexastix, are read as such: III, space,II, space, III, space, I, space, and last, four IIII with a strikethrough. These notations are devoid of meaning and/or esoteric to the untrained heretical eye,in other words, for those of you that cannot read between the lines, the First Book of the Hexastix cannot be understood or translated by those who deny the existence of Stick-People. Now:
-Book # 1: ”That Which We Know Beyond The Tally.”
The book starts with three lines (III) that resemble three Roman numerals, stcikmanside by side, representing the number three. Heed me well, they do not lie, and carry timeless wisdom.  The lines translated read thus: There will be few that believe, but many hypocrites shall be bred for centuries and centuries. These hypocrites will believe in the existence of someone or something invisible, yet will deny other someone’s or something’s that are also invisible. They will be ignorant of their fallacy: blame them not, for they know not themselves.
The second set of lines (II), like the Roman numeral two, states: Transubstantiation shall become a common ritual. The hypocrites will believe, without question, in some kind of metamorphoses concerning the body and blood of a deceased, revered individual of the male sex. This belief is that, through some Divine process, bread and wine become this individual’s body and blood. And to make things worse, they consume it!!!! This transubstantiation is, of course, IMPOSSSIBLE.
Again, after a space, come three lines (III), much like the first set. This set serves mostly as a warning or foreboding, with great reason: There will be a great, if not eternal, stagnation among the hypocrites so long as human-beings walk this earth. Transubstantiation, salvation, or eternal life in some imagined paradise they call “Holy,” written documents known as the Pentateuch mistaken for non-fiction and scribed by mortal men with fixed ideas, are among some of their strongest beliefs. Stagnation: Their belief system will cease to evolve much and will branch out into related beliefs to suit the whim of MAN. They will use the pronoun “He” to refer to a great invisible force, as if it were a man giant and not a neutral-androgynous entity to exert power and ignite fear in women: this reference to a great invisible male being will serve to justify the superiority of man and his values, usually twisted, under the guise of what is deemed “good” or “His will.” It is all philosophy and therefore cannot be trusted. Stagnation: they will deny the existence of Stick-People because they cannot see them, hypocrites, yes, because, yet, they carry on with their beliefs in invisible “spirits” they call them, or “The Holy Ghost,” “The Great Father,” etc- a masculine/paternal power not of the flesh or blood. Also, a reincarnation of the aforementioned deceased individual/ messenger, revered and of the male sex will supposedly be sent by this other great invisible man to spread and teach HIS values. Stagnation: these beliefs will never cease. Stagnation: the denial that Stick-People exist, but, as hypocrites, stand to believe in this invisible “Great Father” and that the deceased come back to life.
Now, space, a single line (I): This is not logical. Pay them no heed. They make no sense.
And the final notation: four lines with a strikethrough (IIII): The Hexastix and existence of Stick-People and their believers, shall, most likely, be tormented, claimed insane, tortured, locked away in some restrictive environment. Beware: to mention the Stick-People, believers, I forewarn you: this knowledge is only useful to those that follow perfect logic and have the capacity to contrast and compare belief systems. Use your own discretion. Speak of us if you must, but be prepared for tragedy if you choose this path. You may cease to exist if you expose your knowledge to the unwise. Hence the strikethrough of the four etched lines; the strikethrough signifies death, or some loss to the believer that reveals or speaks freely and indiscriminately of the Stick-People. Also, it serves to mean that the Stick-People themselves will lose some degree of self-esteem due to the ridicule and denial that will surround them. To the Hexastix: non-preservation and fear of being wiped out of stick girlexistence by hypocrites. Thanks be to the almighty initiator that manifested the First Book, we keep it well hidden.
Lex Talionis,
Henry O’Malley
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"The Book of Sticks"

JPEG Image
I, Henry, recently split up a lecture with the title “O’ Say What is Gross” on my myspace bandsite; it is a seven part lecture highly regarded by the High Priestess of the Sacred Intelligence. I, Henry, also recently decided to disengage myself from myspace because I solemnly disagree with the developer’s idiotic religious beliefs. I am currently researching the StIckpeople and “The Hexastix.” “The Hexastix” is a series of messages expressed in the six books of “The Book of Sticks.” This book can only be translated by the Stickpeople and their believers. I believe in the Stickpeople simPLy because I had the privilege of carrying on a six hour discussion with one of their kind in the year 1990 and another that lasted about 4.5 hours in the year 2001. I have chosen to research and illustrate the ancient “The Book of Sticks” for reasons quite personal, buT also with the intent to clarify some misconceptions associated with these individuals, their beliefs, and their belieVers. The results of my studies will be interpreted for the  plebeian and made available as an auDIo lecture and/or an eSSay on this site. I cannot stress how difficult it is to translate “The Book of Sticks”; however, it is no burden and my studies relieve me of my ego and are undertaken with the deepest scrutiny. I have to swallow my medication now. Goodbye.
-Henry O’Malley

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Monday, November 2, 2009


 I was an exaggeration of myself for Hallow's Eve. Every Hallow's Eve 1989 to 1995. Cleared out all the good watering holes (the only five on Main St.) ten minutes tops. Art Studio. Evening. "Showing" of Jenson Donnelly's great artistic rip off of the Dada era. His "pieces" all had a main theme: "I am Not An Artist, I live on the prairie." Everyone gone. Five minutes. The mall. Bit longer. Bout' an hour. Exhausting. All those stores. Two-hundred-plus consumers.
Man in food-court: "FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!"

Punched in face. Four blows. Balding. Stocky. Ignoramus. Realized he could not ruin my Hallow's Eve. Pain in the ass. Eventually gone with the rest. Half-hour. Nobody. Nobody. Ruins my Hallow's Eve spirits. Not even Johnny Mathis. Not even Casey Sports-Tourette's bore me to death. Away he went from communal living room. Thirty-nine seconds. Vomited on crazy-man Al's snack. Al. Punched me in the face twice. Karate-kicked Casey in chest. White-coats. Here they come. Take Al out with syringe. My exaggeration wished him "HAPPY HALLOW'S EVE!!!" Twenty times tops. Big Dick's Titty Bar, testosterone nightmare, haters of man dancing through clenched teeth, EMPTY,  after my exaggeration passed through door and into the room of hard blockheads. Ten inch heel, medulla oblongata, then, gone in a flash, fifty-one minutes tops, blood on my face and to the "French" Cafe. "Great baguettes!!" "What is that?!!" Undigested food and horror, evacuation, twenty minutes tops (I had to use the bathroom-+ five minutes) hors d'fucking nerves! It's Hallow's Eve!!! Fun times! Starbucks cafe. Five shots of espresso. One latte. Large black. My exaggeration. No money. vacant. Fifteen minutes tops. Trepidating cashier. Too trepidized to dial the men in blue. "HAPPY HALLOW'S FUCKING EVE!!! HOORAY!!! No one rips me off on Hallow's Eve. $7.95 for a large black the size of (see picture). No way!!! You away!! Five more espressos. Two largER cups of black. Peaceful. Solitude. Sirens approach the almost empty cafe. My exagerration. Gone in a flash. "HELLO WALMART!" "HAPPY HALLOW'S EVE!!!" "ALL YOU GRACIOUS WHITE FOLK!!" Segregation is not extinct, trust me. "HOLY SHIT PRICK!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!"-some anglo-saxon. Confusion. Up and around the gimcrackin' aisles, forty minutes tops. My face, already battered, white man with surprising common sense, how to beat the battered? Would it make a difference? Hotel de Rich. Bejewelled fops. "Money spreads germs, don't you see!!!" Multiple misers. Faces knotted in disgust. Hotel de Rich. Deserted. Fifty minutes tops (busy night, lots of call-girls and married men searching in desperation for their clothes, not the call-girls though, they had the balls, quickly they exited, no tops). The Scene as well. Fetish ball. Hallow's Eve fiesta. Goth kids. Very serious. Lugubrious, the azure sky only brings me pain. Concerned. Low-threshold for the pure wickedness of my exaggeration. Startled cult of the space vampire. Disappear into the black night. Twenty-six minutes tops. Punk rock night at Lou Phlegm's. 'Bout forty-five mo-hawks. Chains. Spikes. Hallow's Eve. Shameful posers.  Received one blow from chip-on-shoulder-punker-pretense. "Take my blood, it's free!! All of it!!! Boo!! Boo!!! You can blow me all night!!!" Seventeen minutes tops. Goodbye. Punk is dead? Souns morbid. Kind of like HALLOW'S EVE!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My exagerration with swampy blood eyes retires. Back to the cave. The bats there waiting with dinner. HAPPY-JACK-O-ME-HEADLESS-DOUCHEBAG!!!!! You never know when the gooneyman shall appear on Hallow's Eve. Oh dear.
Lex talionis,

Henry Thee O'Malley x 2,000

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