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Satura tota nostra est.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hexastix: Book II

Hexastix: Book Two
-Book # 2: “Book of Drumsticks.”
The Book of Drumsticks was written on parchment: this suggests, but roughly, that its original message was expressed around, say, (6th century BC, or beyond). The Book, or parchment, is covered in a sheath of red granite. When unsheathed and unrolled for viewing, its message is revealed in drum beats similar to this: Ta-tum, Ta-tum-tum, Ta-tum-tum-tum-tum, BANG, CRASH, Ta-tum-tum, tum-tum-tum, Ta-ta-ta-tum. The drum beat or rhythm is a code, much in the vein and intention of the First Book: It can be heard, but only Stick-People and believers, OBVIOUSLY, can decipher its message. The message is interpreted thus:
Here ye, here ye, we be sticks that drum. Our resonance may signify warning signals, communication (similar to what we know to be Morse code) of many varieties, manifold are our capabilities. We make powerful music. However, we have and will often be misused to signify disaster created by mankind, inhumane treatment of human-kind, battle scores, or triumph relevant to insidious contests that assert the power of such and such party, in marches indicative of good values and/or bad values, or utilized for entertainment such as what is heard before a trapeze artist dares to pull off his or her stunt before an audience in a circus. The Stick-People and believers know our true intentions: despair befalls them when we are misused. Good and evil as words are used to refer to that which is honorable and atrocious. Good and evil: the true source and logical implication of these words have been and are often exaggerated and grossly distorted by humankind. Logically, good is allowing the earth to flourish, freedom and diversity acknowledged and accepted, tolerance, peace, compromise, never harming a living creature or object, and not limiting oneself to a narrow scope which spreads and permits stagnation and evil itself. Evil is destruction of earth, slavery, prejudice, intolerance of differences, war, lack of compromise, harming a living creature, living within a narrow scope, closing the mind off from beauty, from love, from respect. The Stick-People and their believers know our true intentions sound out and communicate that which is good. We sound our messages, and if they are pure and heard by the correct entities, spread joy at intense decibels, but at decibels never so intense as to disable those that have eardrums. We shall now end our song with five key concepts:
1. If a stick does something wrong to you, go to that stick. Talk alone to the stick and tell the stick what it has done. If the stick listens to you, you have kept that stick as your friend.
2. But if the stick does not listen to you, take one or two other sticks with you to talk to that stick. Then two or three sticks will hear every word and can prove what was said.
3. If the stick does not listen to the other sticks, tell a tree. If the stick does not listen to the tree, treat that stick as a stick that does not believe in the Hexastix and as bad as a tax collector.
4. We drum out the truth. What you tie on earth will be tied in our drumming. What you set free on earth will be set free in our drumming.
5. If you believe in transubstantiation, you are a numb-skull and no better than a vampire.
Thus ends the “Book of Drumsticks,” book two of the Hexastix.

-Henry O’Malley
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