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Satura tota nostra est.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hexastix: Book III

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Third book of Hexastix: The Book of Bioluminescent Sticks
-Book # III- The Bioluminescent STICKS
The third book of the Hexastix can only be read in the sky at night on a certain date and is, in fact, like a constellation. The International Astronomical Union does not acknowledge this constellation-like pattern because, sadly, no members of this union are stick-people or believers. What is particularly interesting about this pattern is that is can be seen from all hemispheres as opposed to being limited to only one hemisphere like the 88 “official” constellations; because it has no boundaries it is not considered a constellation.  The date in which it can be seen is October the 31rst. The pattern can be seen in the form of four paragraphs that fill the entire night sky. The message is as follows:
If you can see this document you are either a stick-person or a believer in stick-people. There is no such thing as life after death. Beware this myth! To protect yourself from myth-makers and to become immune to their tall tales you must submerge your head in your own urine for thirty seconds. Warning: if you do not do this you will most likely succumb to the great lies of the world and perish as a delusionist. This is, by far, the most disgusting way to perish.
To your right you will see four bioluminescent sticks. Use these sticks to distinguish what is true and what is false. Wave them before people, documents, etcetera: they will cease to glow before all that is false. These sticks will expire on October the 30th; you will receive your new set of bioluminescent sticks on October the 31rst. If you are questioned when waving the sticks simply state “I am conducting scientific research” and that should be sufficient explanation for the curious. If the curious demand further explanations tell the curious “I require complete silence while conducting my scientific research.”
If the bioluminescent sticks indicate falsehood do not point your finger or draw attention to the falsehood. Acknowledge the falsehood silently and act as if it does not exist. If you openly declare a falsehood you run the risk of public estrangement, confinement to an undesirable area, or execution. Take it upon yourself to heed the words of this book. The general public lacks the ability to think rationally and may react violently to your claim. Beware.
I must inform you straight away that the ideas of “original sin” and “holiness” are falsehoods. Heed these ideas not, for they are lies. Beware of individuals and documents that perceive these ideas to be true. Only delusionists believe lies and spread myths. You don’t want to be a delusionist do you? “Original sin” and “holiness” are two myths that exist for the sole purpose of controlling and disrupting your natural thought process and actions to suit the outfit of lunacy. Many are the delusionists. *Quality not quantity*
And so the third book of the Hexastix ends. It makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, nonsense gets the upper hand in life. I prefer perfect sense to nonsense. I am no delusionist.
Henry O’Malley
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