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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hexastix: Book IV-A Review Before the Final Book

Book IV of the Hexastix
Book IV: The Book Of Plastic Sticks

If any of you folks out there have been paying attention to the messages in “O’Say What Is Gross,” you may find a semblance of similarity in the message of book IV of the Hexastix.  The Book of Plastic Sticks basically serves as a warning regarding false prophets or anyone claiming to be an “expert.” It is an anomaly that people these days rely heavily on the supposed knowledge of such “experts’ and that most of the time the “expert” does not have to have any credentials and if he or she does, this does not mean that they know any better about anything than anyone else. In modern society you may be watching a commercial about such and such product and a voice in the commercial says something like “….highly recommended by experts.” Or a book review listing in the New York Times claims that a book deserve praise when, in fact, it is a piece of shit. Or the movie critics (a.k.a. experts) tell you a movie is “The best film of the year” when, in fact, it may possibly be the worst film of the year. Yes, false prophets are everywhere these days. The scary thing is that people actually consume whatever lies
these so called “experts” tell them to and take their (the experts) word as the word of God, and, as some of us of higher intelligence know, God is a fictitious and invisible myth just like the experts. Anyhow, The Book of Plastic Sticks was written in 1855, the year Alexander Parkes officially invented plastic. It is hidden south of the equator and its hiding place is, of course, only known to the stick-people and their believers. When The Book of Plastic Sticks is held up to the light of a full moon the words are etched into the plastic and read thus:
There exist such entities in the world that claim and give forth false knowledge. Beware of them. If someone or something implies that you are a subordinate and that someone or something claims to be more knowledgeable than you on a certain subject use your gift of skepticism. These false prophets may be trying to trick you into giving them or some other affiliated party your money and they may also ruthlessly cause you to waste your time. Remember that opinions or perceptions coming from one who claims to be an “expert” is simply an opinion or perception and does not have to become your own: you have your own opinions and perceptions and should never mold them according to  someone else’s standards. Heed this warning well!!! There are false messages all around you!! For example, one, usually a female, may be told that she should not look like a female, but that she should go on something called “a diet” and look like a little boy. This is false!!! Women are supposed to eat well and look like women: voluptuous and curvy. Eating healthy and within certain boundaries (not over-eating or eating too much “junk) has been replaced by excessive fad diets that are most unhealthy. Most diet “experts” are lunatics and/or misogynists.
The source of a prophecy must also be questioned. Just because it has a wide variety of followers that buy into its nonsense does not make it a good source of information. For Americans, The New York Times is a good example. A highly esteemed piece of crap is what it really is. Did you ever read their book review? Utter nonsense!!! Don’t let them tell you! The Museum of Modern art has a shit ton of crap that passes for what we call “art.” Jackson Pollock? Abstract expressionist?! True fucking tripe!!!

                           Grab some paint and throw it at a wall….yeah! That’s art man!!! How utterly awful! The Museum of Modern Art is a false prophet: Don’t believe a thing you see. Only on occasion does it offer quality, but rarely. Be careful what you believe and always, always, question! Question! Question! We were born with brains, were we not? Our society hates when we use our brains and so it invents things to control us. Some of this is “old-story” to some of you, but there are those poor souls out there that need to be told they are being manipulated and lied to!!!! Take that asshole John Edwards supposed “psychic-medium.” He makes a killing lying to gullible people! He should be assassinated (I did not say this) or executed! He is no expert and is no prophet…this is what he is: A BIG LYING SCUMBAG THAT LAUGHS AT ALL THE REJECTS THAT BELIEVE HIS LIES AND SPEND TONS OF MONEY TO HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY OR RATHER HEAR WHAT THEIR DEAD RELATIVE HAS TO SAY THROUGH HIM WHICH IS CLEARLY (TO SOME OF INTELLIGENCE) IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! plastic
Plastic here refers to that which has been chemically modified by man to suit some devious purpose. And don’t forget about Los Angeles…many plastic people live there….beware of them…a whole plastic community!!! Cosmetic plastic surgeons….mostly misogynistic highly paid bastards or lying bastardettes that prey on people’s (mostly women) low self-esteem. Beware false prophets, beware of the lies, look at the man behind the curtain…..he’s terrified….he is a FRAUD!
End of Book IV of the Hexastix. Valuable information. Be smart and make the choice today to believe in the stick-people and their believers. They are the only entities that carry the truth as it should be. Listen to them.
Good Day,
Henry O’Malley
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