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Satura tota nostra est.

Satura tota nostra est.
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Click if you are proud of America.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Nice try Crooked Serpent.
You are kidding me!
Santa is Dead.

13 TRAPPED MINERS (a poem by Henry O'Malley)

When most people are wicked-
ain't that the truth-
coal must come to those
ne'er do wells by the thousands.
Millions, mining, accident, KILLED.
All for YOUR bad behavior.
Thousands of fatalities-
because all you people
are almost as bad as Caligula.
Merry Christmas.
Have fun at the mall
being ripped off
and forget about Christ...
only presents you think...
yeah, well, hell coal!
And the poor bastards
that had to dig it up for
your wretched stocking.
Merry Christmas.
Not even coal
would you get
if I were President.
Humanity=nothing for Christmas, not even coal.
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